Origin is Giving The Sims 4 to Users for Free

The Sims 4 Will be Free for Keeps Until May 28th

Good news everyone, Origin is giving us all an early Christmas gift. The Sims 4 will be available for free until May 28th on PC and Mac. This announcement is somewhat refreshing. Origin and EA have grown a reputation of being quite stingy when it comes to releasing games for free. This news is definitely a pleasant surprise to its customers.


The Sims 4 was not the most successful of the franchise when it initially launched in 2014. It was plagued with major bugs and glitches. It also lacked many of the features which were very popular in past installments of the series. However, the game has managed to develop a somewhat loyal following over the years due to a number of updates and downloadable content.

EA, the owners of Origin had made it previously clear that they would no longer allow free games on their platform. A program that had existed beforehand was supposedly going to offer triple-a-titles like Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space. However, the program was axed before this could come to fruition. But it seems as though the good people at EA have had a change of heart and are now blessing us with the gift of The Sims 4 after going 10 months without releasing a free game. No one is sure if free games will become more common in the future, but this is a good sign.

If you are not able to grab the game in the next seven days, don’t worry. The Sims 4 will still be available on Origin Access Premier. If you have some cash to throw around it might be worth it. So if you are craving to torment and bully a bunch of virtual avatars then makes sure to download Origin and get The Sims 4.

What do you think? Will you be getting The Sims 4? Will we see other free games on Origin? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below as well as on Instagram and Twitter.