Military Simulation Game Has An Upcoming Alien DLC

A New Arma 3 DLC Is Bringing Aliens to the Game

Hardcore military sim Arma 3 has an unexpected spin-off DLC launching on July 25th titled “Arma 3 Contact” and it’ll feature aliens and a futuristic alien spaceship. According to Steam, this upcoming DLC will cost $27.99.

The DLC’s singleplayer campaign, First Contact, puts players in the role of a NATO drone operator in Eastern Europe who spots an alien spaceship and is sent to investigate its inhabitants.

According to Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive, the campaign will feature “conventional infantry engagements” but also “a significant portion of the campaign will focus on non-shooting gameplay.”

Arma 3

“This involves operating a mini [unmanned ground vehicle] sampling laser and [chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear] defense equipment to study strange alien anomalies, as well as controlling the electromagnetic spectrum with the aptly named Spectrum Device,” Bohemia Interactive explained on Thursday. “This advanced modern tool – depending on what antenna is fitted – can be used for navigation, intelligence gathering, and deception.”

Arma 3 Contact also has a new environment set in the fictional Eastern European country of Livonia, new weapons, new factions, new vehicles, new multiplayer scenarios, and new equipment. It’ll also add new bonus content for owners of the base game.

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