Aliens: Dark Descent Opens Fire With Gameplay Trailer

Watch Yourselves Marines 

Ready yourself, soldiers, it’s going to be dark, dangerous, and full of Xenomorphs. In fact, the nightmares will be coming at you fast and hungry, so watch each other’s backs down there. Today, Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive are very happy to dive deeper into their upcoming squad-based tactical action game, Aliens: Dark Descent, with a new gameplay trailer. Taking players back to the iconic Aliens franchise, the game invites players to lead squads in a horror action experience that lives up to the name. The new gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay, narrative, and more. 

Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent introduces players to an authentic Aliens narrative. Dropped into the horrific depths of space players take on the lead of a squad of marines. Importantly, each marine is recruited by the player themselves, and they are individuals. This means that those who die in action, stay gone. Yet, don’t worry, players are able to level up their marines and further their abilities and cooperation as they navigate this nightmare.  

The new gameplay overview gives players a look at the game. From its tactical gameplay to narrative cinematics, and more, players get up close and personal with Aliens: Dark Descent. Of course, you can view the trailer below. Check it out for a better look at what they can expect from the game. 

Pre-orders for Aliens: Dark Descent are now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The game will be releasing on June 20th. Of course, you can check out Focus Entertainment’s website for more info.