Tackle Your Steam Backlog For Prizes This Weekend

More Incentive To Actually Finish A Thing

If you find yourself gazing upon your Steam backlog with a mixture of awe and horror, perhaps this weekend will be good for you. The Steam Spring Cleaning Event is happening right this moment. Dig in and actually finish a game or two in exchange for some very small rewards!


How small? Well, you’ll earn and/or level up a Steam profile badge. Also, you’ll finally finish some dang games! It seems like the prize is less important than the participation, especially if you’ve got a Steam backlog like mine. You know, easily more than a hundred. A lot more.

There’s a series of daily tasks to complete, as well as some one and done projects to do. Some of them require playing and finishing a specific game in your catalog, like the first one you ever purchased. If all this backlog nonsense doesn’t appeal to you, there’s also a handful of free weekends running at the same time.  Dead by Daylight, Endless Space 2, Grim Dawn, Don’t Starve Together, Black Desert Online, Left 4 Dead 2, and Assetto Corsa are all free to play until May 28 at 10 am. You’ve also got until then to do some of this Spring cleaning. Good luck and have fun!