This Game Is out of This World – the Borderlands 3 Spaceship

Borderlands… in Spaaaaaaaaaace!… Agaaaaaaaaaain

While the first Borderlands game lacked a hub area until later in the game, Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel both had distinctive areas where the player could shop and get missions without the threat of being fired upon. In the Pre-Sequel it was Concordia, in Borderlands 2 it was Sanctuary. As it was teased at the end of the second game, Borderlands 3 is headed to space. Fans got a glimpse of it during the gameplay reveal yesterday when Gearbox showed us all the game, including the Borderlands 3 spaceship called Sanctuary 3. This is how players will travel between planets.

Borderlands 3 Spaceship
Source: PC Gamer

Sanctuary was the flying city, Sanctuary 3 is spaceship, what about Sanctuary 2? Maybe it will be a dope motorcycle. Well, it is curious that we have not yet seen Sanctuary 2. What is more curious about this jump to the third edition of the city is one of the messages in the Borderlands 3 art. A cipher in the art is discovered to say “We don’t speak of Sanctuary 2.” Me thinks that there is something sinister behind that message, possibly to do with the Calypso Twins. I’m still holding out for a dope motorcycle though.

We could speculate all day, but what we do know about Sanctuary 3 that it is the hub world of the game. Like Sanctuary 1, it will have all our favourite characters aboard like Marcus Kincaid, Moxxi, Sir Hammerlock, and others. As said above, it is also how players travel between planets. One of these planets is of course Pandora. Another is called Prometheus. This is where Atlas first encountered alien tech. There worlds of possibility for this game. Borderlands 3 comes out on September 13th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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Source: PC Gamer