Detective Pikachu Reaches $287 Million at the Box Office

The Detective Pikachu Movie Is Making the Big Bucks

Detective Pikachu has managed to make $287.4 million worldwide at the box office. According to Variety, it also managed to top the international box office for the second straight weekend with $53.8 million in ticket sales.

detective pikachu

This latest Pokémon movie is about a man named Tim (played by Justice Smith) who works with a Pikachu (played by Ryan Reynolds) who happens to be a detective to find Tim’s missing father.

With this movie’s box office success and decent reviews, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a sequel is rumored to be in the works. “Multiple sources involved with the production [of the movie] informed that the studio is moving forward with the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu sequel before ultimately expanding into a more diverse world of Pokémon movies,” ComicBook reported last week.

Sounds like we’ll be getting a Pokémon Cinematic Universe (the PCU?) sometime in the future if that report turns out to be accurate.

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