Dead Island 2 is Apparently “Still Being Worked On”

Dead Island 2 is Still Alive and Kicking

Dead Island 2, the long-in-development sequel to 2011’s open-world zombie adventure, is purportedly “still being worked on.”

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Publisher THQ Nordic revealed in a recent financial report call a number of upcoming games in development, one of them being Dead Island 2. Co-founder and Group CEO Lars Wingefors said while going over the slide “Dead Island 2, still being worked on. Stay tuned.” The slide shows the Dead Island 2 logo, while also confirming that it is still set to launch for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. No other details were revealed.

On an interesting side note, Wingefors also noted that THQ Nordic has a total of 80 projects currently in various stages of development. He went on to say that 32 of them are announced and 48 are unannounced. As shown in the slide, some of the announced games are owned IP like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Biomutant, and Dead Island 2, while others are third-party games like Shenmue III, Wasteland 3, and Iron Harvest. Some of the unannounced games are “top secret” and are coming from Warhorse, Volition, Coffee Stain North, and 4A Games.

THQ Nordic, while showing off their E3 floor plans, recently revealed that they have two unannounced games to show at E3 next month. Are they part of the “top secret” lineup? We’ll most likely find out in just a few weeks.

THQ Nordic also announced during the financial report call that they have acquired Risen developer Piranha Bytes.

While it is nice to get a quick update on Dead Island 2, it’s getting increasingly harder to stay optimistic. The game was announced half a decade ago and its tumultuous development has been well documented. Little Big Planet 3 developer Sumo Digital has been developing the game after the previous developer Yager Productions was removed from the project in 2016.

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