DC Universe Online Heads to Switch This Summer

DC Universe Online Comes to a Nintendo Platform for the First Time

Daybreak Games has announced that their free-to-play superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, is officially coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Originally released in 2011 for the PC and PS3, and later ported to PS4 and Xbox One, this will be the first time the game will appear on a Nintendo system, let alone a portable one. There will be a few small changes made to the port on Switch and there won’t be cross-play support.

In a recent interview with CBR, Executive Producer Leah Bowers talked about how important it for her bringing DCUO to the Switch, both on a personal and business level.

“Bringing the game to the Switch was something that’s very close to my heart,” she says. “Nintendo was the first console I really connected with; and yet, I associated the brand with first party or platform games. But when the switch came out, it blew my mind and highlighted the possibilities that were there.”

DC Universe Online

SJ Mueller, the Creative Director on the game, also spoke about not wanting to disrupt the open fan community. “Listening to the community about how to improve the experience – as both a fan and a creative director – has been invaluable,” Mueller says.

“You have to listen to [the players] to know if you’re hitting the mark if you’re achieving what you set out to do. I feel like that has made us even better at making content, making an experience where you’re not battling the UI, but fighting villains alongside Superman! I think that was a huge difference in our original launch versus our launch now.”

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