Blizzard Is Implementing a Highly Requested Overwatch Replay Feature

Relive Moments of Glory and Totally Non-Existent Failures

Remember that time you wiped the enemy team with your Junkrat ult? That sweet Ice Wall that Mei used to block the other team in? No? That’s because you got nothing to remember those moments by. That is, unless you’re a YouTuber and everyone watches your Overwatch videos. For everyone else, you now have a way to save recent games. Blizzard has answered the prayers of their fans with the Overwatch replay feature. Right now, this feature is only available on the Public Test Realm on PC, but will be coming to consoles eventually.

Overwatch Replay

Unfortunately, it is not a like a video archive. Only the ten most recent matches will be saved. Moreover, every time Overwatch is updated through a patch, the replays and highlights will be wiped. On the bright side, Blizzard has put together a quick guide to maximize your time with your replays while you have them. In Blizzard News, they outlined how to access the saved games, the camera options, controls, and even tips on how to analyze your performance. The replays will be saved in your Player Profile under the Replays tab.

The replay controls include showing/hiding the HUD, increasing/decreasing play speed, changing between characters, switching between first/third person views, and showing the map overlay. You can also save bookmarks, which I assume is for making highlights. Blizzard also says this feature can help players learn new characters and playstyles through the replays and gives cinematography tips for highlights. This feature is pretty exclusive right now, but will be available across all platforms eventually.

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Source: Blizzard News