Call of Duty 2019 May Have a Free-To-Play Aspect

How Are They Going to Get All Our Money This Time?

Apparently, Black Ops 4 “underperformed.” Some Call of Duty fans still have money, and Activision just cannot allow that. For their next Call of Duty game, they are allegedly going a different route to your bank account. According to a source talking to Kotaku, Call of Duty 2019 might offer a free-to-play component of the game. As we all know, free-to-play is rarely ever free-to-play. A ton of “free” games manage to burn holes in the wallets of their fans. Once they get their claws in you, you’re all theirs.

Call of Duty 2019

Before we try to make sense of this new information, let’s put it in the context of what we already know about the game. With Black Ops 4’s exclusion of a campaign, we know that Infinity Ward will make a return with their own story, likely to be Modern Warfare 4. We also learned that Infinity Ward hired former Naughty Dog employees to help with said story. There is not much information about multiplayer. There is a rumor that there will not be a battle royale mode, but nothing official. CoD will obviously have its multiplayer stuff; they would be crazy to get rid of it, but what would they do differently in terms of the free-to-play stuff?

Let’s look at another free-to-play moneymaker Fortnite. You can play for free, but they get a ton of money from their battle passes. Activision could do their own version of a battle pass, let’s call it a Duty Pass for now. Duty Passes could be paid shortcuts to new skins, weapon attachments, and tons of other things. There will also no doubt be DLC, which players could pay for. Remember, they said “free-to-play components”, which basically means some things will be free, others won’t.

What do you think they mean by “free-to-play”? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku