Rumor: 2019’s Call of Duty Won’t Have Battle Royale

The Upcoming Call of Duty Game Might Not Have Its Own Blackout Mode

This year’s Call of Duty game has already been officially confirmed to have a singleplayer campaign and co-op. However, a recent report from Gaming Intel says that the upcoming shooter won’t have a battle royale mode unlike the previous entry in the series, Black Ops 4.

call of duty

“Our exclusive sources have also reported that Modern Warfare 4 will not see its own Battle Royale mode and instead the game will focus on a single player Campaign, Multiplayer, and a Co-Op mode,” Gaming Intel’s report read.

“Blackout has seen mixed success in Black Ops 4, with some regions on PC now unable to find matches at all,” the report continued. “With that in mind, it may not be surprising that Activision and Infinity Ward have opted to steer clear of the mode in their upcoming title.”

Gaming Intel also reported that the next Call of Duty won’t bring back specialists and instead will go back to the series’ “roots” with regular loadouts.

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