Anthem Player Count Takes Dive On Xbox One

Falls Below 49th Spot On The List

Perhaps we’re all repeating ourselves by this point, but things aren’t looking so hot for Anthem lately. BioWare’s big shiny power suit/shoot/loot sim just isn’t as cool anymore, with the Anthem player count dropping right off Microsoft’s list of the most played games.


More specifically, this list. There are no player stats here, but we do have some numbers for #49, Battlefield 1. As of this last week, BF1 had around 7500 concurrent players on average. Even this is an estimate on the high end, with those same stats dipping as low as 2500 during the slowest part of the week. We don’t know where Anthem is at, but it must be worse than the aforementioned statistics.

Players have been hearing promises of improvement and fixes for the future for a while now. Perhaps people have just gotten tired of waiting? These numbers might change with the next big update for Anthem, or they might not. It’s also possible that the game is doing better on PS4 and the PC, where we don’t have these same statistics. Anthem is out right now for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.