Pokemon Homage Disc Creatures Looks to Scratch That Specific Retro Itch

Relive The Glory Days of Portable Pokemon Clones

Back when Pokemon was just starting out, other publishers wanted in on that collectible creature cash. Pokemon clones were absolutely everywhere. Disc Creatures looks to take you back to those halcyon days, when ‘Dog Fites 4 Kidz’ was a genre with more imitators.

Disc Creatures

Granted, this is less a soulless cash-in then it is a labor of love. Developed by one person, Disc Creatures looks to bring back those collection memories in full force. If you played Monster Rancher, Metal Walker, Dragon Quest Monsters, Robopon, or any of the others back in the day, Disc Creatures might be for you.

A quick look at the trailer embedded below suggests that a lot of love and dedication went into this game. Specifically, a lot of care has been taken to reproduce that distinct Game Boy/Game Boy Color aesthetic. There will be around 200 monsters to acquire, each with their own skill trees and abilities. Battles aren’t limited to the usual 1v1 formula either, which I find encouraging. This might walk the line between homage and plagiarism,  but it still captures that critical mix of nostalgia and innovation guaranteed to get me hooked. Disc Creatures is coming to PC sometime in 2019.