Raising Kratos, The God of War Documentary, Coming Soon to YouTube

Immediately On Board

Perhaps you feel like you’ve had enough God of War in your life over the last year. Maybe between playing the game and seeing it all over the news, you’ve seen enough of old Kratos? After seeing the first trailer for Raising Kratos, the God of War documentary, I feel like maybe you’re wrong.

God of War Raising Kratos

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not here to speak on your behalf or anything, but this documentary looks like an incredible inside look at the game. If the finished product was so fantastic (and it was), perhaps we could stand to learn a little more about how said game came into being.

While I don’t know whether this will be informative, emotional, or just a long look into Cory Barlog’s brain, I’m all in regardless. There is no release date listed yet, but hopefully we’ll see Raising Kratos soon. It would be a real power move to release this just before (or during!) E3 season. Speaking of power, there are a couple of shots of the voice actors performing their scenes, and I got legitimate chills watching it happen. It’s a real testament to their skills, which you can check out in the trailer embedded below.