Skyworld Hits PlayStation VR in March

Skyworld’s PSVR Launch Will Bring New Player Progression Features

The turn-based strategy VR game Skyworld is coming out on PlayStation VR on March 26th, according to an official Wednesday announcement.

Skyworld has a singleplayer campaign that involves battling evil demons that are trying to take over the power sources of the Skyworlds. Using 16 varied combat units that include soldiers such as archers and snipers, players will have to take on the strategic challenges that the game has to offer.

The game can also be played against friends in an online PvP mode.


Also, one of the new aspects of the game’s online play is the addition of PSVR leaderboards.

“The launch of Skyworld on PlayStation VR brings all-new features into the mix, allowing players to champion their achievements in-game,” the official announcement read. “With a persistent leveling system, players can earn XP in single and multiplayer matches and from daily challenges, with special avatars waiting to be unlocked. Competing online can win players a spot on the brand-new [PSVR] leaderboards.”

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