The New Dead by Daylight Survivor Sure Is Groovy

We Kind of Already Knew, but Now We “Know” Know

A little over a week ago, news surfaced of a new character coming to Dead by Daylight. The rumor came about via screenshots of new perks for one Ash J. Williams from the Evil Dead franchise. To the surprise of pretty much no one, that turned out to be true. The new Dead by Daylight survivor was officially revealed at PAX East on Thrusday with a groovy trailer featuring the man himself Bruce Campbell. The trailer can now be viewed on Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel.

New Dead by Daylight Survivor

It wouldn’t really be Ash Williams if Bruce Campbell wasn’t involved. Thankfully, developer Behaviour Interactive made it happen. In the trailer, we see Bruce Campbell in the recording booth when he hits us with the classic “Hey, didn’t see you there” line. Then we get some gameplay footage of Ash sleuthing, creeping around, working on generators, pulling himself off of hooks; the Dead by Daylight stuff. This is backed by some sweet rock music which you will never hear while being hunted by monsters and villains. The trailer concludes with Mr. Campbell demanding some tequila that he was promised, but instead is given a flashlight.

The flashlight is no doubt supposed to be the item the survivors use in the game. That’s not the only game prop; a medical kit is present in the background of the recording booth behind Bruce Campbell. Ash Williams will be playable starting on April 2nd. Dead by Daylight is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: YouTube