F.I.S.T Is Sony’s New Metroidvania

This Ain’t Bugs Bunny

Sony’s Playstation China Hero Project has announced a new wave of titles, including F.I.S.T – a metroidvania starring a bunny.

F.I.S.T the second title by developer TIGames, and takes place in an alternate universe where players will control a bunny with the power to control a massive mechanical arm that’s attached to his back. The 2.5D diesel-punk world looks impressive, and will be the backdrop as our fluffy friend defeats evil robots while collecting items and weapons to solve the secrets of the world behind him.

F.I.S.T is currently in development for PS4. I think it’s interesting that they’ve come right out and labeled it a metroidvania, since I’m fairly confident that term is sort of unofficial. It also makes me wonder how much longer the genre will be viable, as I feel like every third indie release I play bills itself as a metroidvania. Maybe I’m just getting genre fatigue? Either way, I’m excited to see the direction F.I.S.T goes in – I think the last time I played a game where I was a bunny was Jazz Jackrabbit back when I was a wee lass so I feel that rabbits are a criminally underrated starring animal.

Enough rambling, hopefully we’ll be able to share some more F.I.S.T news in the future.