Ubisoft’s Got You Covered With This Division 2 Video Guide

Division Agent 101

It’s Division 2 eve, which means prospective agents may want to brush up on all the basic. Today, Ubisoft has published a deep dive into the open city of Washington D.C. The video comes with some story background, gameplay exposition and tips for navigating the besieged Capitol.

The newest trailer, titled ‘What is The Division 2?’ attempts to cover all the bases players need to know. Part of what makes this installment unique over the first is the feel of a living, breathing world. Everywhere you go, the objective is to save Washington D.C. Side quests, random encounters, and Control Points lead to engagements all over the city. To help you get started, Ubisoft has enclosed a guide on the cover system, weapons, and the many, many aspects of progression.

In the days leading up to release, Ubisoft has implemented a full-scale marketing push. We’ve seen everything from previews of the Dark Zone to a parody of US-Mexico border control. Now’s a great time to pre-load the game since the day-one patch stacks to a whopping 90 GB of space. If you’re looking for more in-depth coverage, you’re invited to check out the cut-scenes in our 51-minute gameplay preview.

The Division 2 hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 15, 2019, or March 14 9 PM PST. This is the last day for PC players to pre-order the game on other digital storefronts before it becomes an Epic Games Store exclusive. Anyone who pre-orders the Ultimate Edition has received 3-day early access, which would explain why the game is all over streaming channels.

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