Anthem Made Over $100 Million in Digital Revenue in February

Will BioWare’s Anthem Meet EA’s Sales Expectations?

Anthem made over $100 million in worldwide digital revenue during its launch last month, according to SuperData, a website that provides game sales data.


“Anthem was the top-selling title by units on console in February, with an above-average digital download rate,” SuperData also reported. “In-game spending came in at $3.5 million across both platforms.”

According to SuperData’s chart for the top-grossing games of February 2019, Anthem ranked third on consoles but didn’t make the top ten on PC.

Due to the game’s middling review scores and BioWare’s general manager admitting that its launch has been “rougher” than the studio previously expected it to be, this positive sales news is pretty surprising. However, it still remains to be seen whether or not BioWare’s latest release will meet EA’s sales expectations of five to six million copies sold by the end of this month.


If you’re interested in getting this game then you should read our review first. “The highly anticipated looter shooter is finally out, but not without its share of issues,” the review’s author wrote. “Coming off of a rocky demo experience, and a recently released day one patch, Anthem in its current form is a bit concerning, to say the least.”

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