SEGA’s Judgment Is Still Launching in the West in June

Despite a Recent Cocaine Arrest of One of Its Voice Actors, Judgment Is Still Slated to Launch in the West on June 25th

After the drug arrest of one of Judgment’s voice actors last week and SEGA’s reported subsequent discussions about the upcoming June release of the game in the West, some gamers thought that the game’s Western launch would be delayed.

However, SEGA announced on Friday that Judgment was still coming out in the West on June 25th.


“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the character model and Japanese voice for the character of Kyohei Hamura will be adjusted for the Western release of Judgment, launching on June 25, 2019,” SEGA’s official Twitter account tweeted. “Screenshots and trailers featuring Hamura have been temporarily removed from all of SEGA’s official channels. Updated versions of these materials will be made available at a later date.”

The development studio behind Judgment tweeted out the same statement on Friday.

Masanori Taki, the 51-year-old Japanese voice actor of Kyohei Hamura, was arrested last week by Japanese police for cocaine use. The police had reportedly arrested Taki after he tested positive for use of the drug.

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