Uncharted 1 Wouldn’t ‘Be A Viable Pitch’ These Days, Says Amy Hennig

Uncharted 1’s Length Would Be Too Short for Our Modern Times, According to Hennig

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune wouldn’t “be a viable pitch” in gaming’s current market due to being too short and having no multiplayer, according to former Uncharted series creator Amy Hennig.


“I’ve said that I don’t think a game like the first Uncharted, even though it was the foundational footprint for that series, would be a viable pitch today,” Hennig reportedly said during this year’s DICE Summit. “The idea of a finite eight-ish-hour experience that has no second modes, no online — the only replayability was the fact that you could unlock cheats and stuff like that. No multiplayer, nothing. That doesn’t fly anymore. Now you have to have a lot of hours of gameplay. Eight [hours] would never cut it.”

“Usually some sort of online mode,” Hennig continued. “And of course you see where things are pushing, toward live services and battle royale and games as a service. All of those things — I don’t know the word I’m looking for, but they play less nicely with story. They’re less conducive to traditional storytelling. That has a shape and an arc and a destination, an end. A game that is a live service, that continues, does not.”

Notably, while the first game didn’t have multiplayer, Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves and every subsequent entry in the series launched with a multiplayer mode.

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