Monster Hunter World “Appreciation Fest” Brings Back All the Goods

Capcom Appreciates You

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Capcom has unveiled Appreciation fest for Monster Hunter World. It’s another event filled to the brim with in-game rewards and add-ons. Find fan-favorite monsters and rake in tickets to cover your character in limited-time skins.

As with many of Monster Hunter World’s lavish events, limited-time quests will earn limited-time gifts. From now until February 21st, 2019, Appreciation Tickets will fly into player inventories. The seasonal currency applies to the festival’s layered skins and more. This time around, it’s the new Gala Suit armor which is one of the most illustrious items ever released in the game. Upon purchase, wear them on top of any armor piece to grab your preferred look while retaining item stats. Additionally, you can earn the Star and Star α Palico sets, alongside the Fair Wind Lance. Complete limited-time bounties or log in to acquire tickets.

As mentioned, all previous Event Quests will be available for the duration of Appreciation Fest. Capcom keeps a helpful list of quests and their respective rewards on the Monster Hunter World website. Expect a lengthy grind for every seasonal event you may have missed. Past rewards come in the form of resources, skins, armor pieces, and exclusive weapons.

Like always, Capcom has bedecked the Gathering Hub with decorations. A little color here and there, and on the NPCs, shall remain so long as there’s an event. That new coatings apply to the pig Pookie, too, and the latest food platter at the canteen. The two are unrelated.

In related news, Capcom was 2018’s best publisher on Metacritic, thanks in major part to the co-op experience. Monster Hunter World is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Expect more seasonal events on the road to its first expansion, Iceborne, coming this Fall.