Metro Exodus Day-1 Patch Aims to Fix Numerous Bugs

Here’s Hoping This Metro Exodus Patch Has Fixed the Game’s Biggest Technical Issues

A day-one patch for Metro Exodus went live on Friday and, according to the patch notes, it not only fixes several bugs but also adds more filters for the game’s photo mode.

Metro Exodus

Here’s a partial list of the patch notes:


  • Added more filters for Photo Mode
  • General bug fixes
  • General performance optimisations
  • General balance improvements
  • General polish improvements
  • Improved VO and subtitles timing in all languages


  • Added Dolby Atmos Support for Xbox One X
  • Added custom Xbox Adaptive Controller support and improved UI layout


  • Tuned HDR saturation
  • RTX Improvements / Bug Fixing
  • Added DLSS Support
  • Additional HUD removal options (coming soon to console) when playing in Ranger Mode
  • Added Motion Blur options (coming soon to console)

The rest of the patch notes can be read here.

Hopefully this patch has actually fixed things. Our review of Metro Exodus criticized the game for having “game breaking bugs” and noted that the bugs caused it to not “feel finished”.

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