Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Introduces Dungeon and More Next Year

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Introduces Dungeon and More Next Year

Final Fantasy XIV rose to popularity over the past two years as an MMORPG. With the release of the latest expansion, Endwalker, Square Enix have been working on pouring more content into the game. Today, the company has announced that Patch 6.3 will release in January 2023 and introduce a lot of fun stuff into the game. The game is currently available on PC and PlayStation platforms.

In Patch 6.3, players will get their hands on a new Main Story Quest, Gods Level, Lands Tremble. Here, players will meet an unexpected ally and will soon find an unforeseen threat that bars their path to Azdaja. Additionally, players will be able to jump into Lapis Manalis, a new dungeon. In the dungeon, players will head to the mountains of Garlemald and find some unexpected creatures. In the trailer for the patch, viewers get a first look at various aspects of the upcoming content.

Moreover, there is a lot of other content for players to enjoy such as a new Trial, Systems, Alliance Raid Dungeon and Deep Dungeon. Additionally, players will enjoy other improvements and quality of life benefits throughout the game such as more mounts, minions, emotes and housing updates.

In Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players will enjoy a unique adventure revolving around the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn who must save the world from ultimate destruction in the Final Days.

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