Big Dead Cells Update Adds Custom Gameplay Mode

Dead Cells’ New Update Allows for Some Gameplay Customization

A new Dead Cells update that launched on Thursday has a new custom game mode that aims to give “players greater control over how they want to play the game.” According to a press release, the update also has many features that were included in response to fan feedback.

dead cells

“The new custom game mode gives you the ability to unlock or re-lock items, enable special gameplay adjustments and changes up the rules of play for enhanced flexibility (and more fun),” the press release read. “Additionally, [the] update removes the ‘mob auto-scaling’ mechanic completely: all levels now have a fixed difficulty which affects the gameplay differently depending on what mode you are on.”

On consoles, the update “also re-balances the way a player’s HP scales for Brutality and Tactic, so players at higher levels will have vastly more HP, preventing them from being offed via a one-shot.”

“Tactics HP levels have been raised to 30, and Brutality’s HP cap has been raised from level 14 to level 45,” the press release also read.

The press release also mentions that the update will allow Dead Cells to run at 60FPS on the Switch.

A full list of features for the update can be read here.

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Source: Press release