Escape From Tarkov Patch Introduces Long Awaited Map And More

Escape From Tarkov Patch Introduces Long Awaited Map And More

Battlestate Games is a video game development studio that publishes hardcore FPS titles. The company’s flagship project, Escape From Tarkov, is available on PC via Steam and is a tactical FPS. Today, the company is preparing to release Patch 0.13 for the game, which will introduce a new map along with a ton of other content. The company unveiled a trailer showing off the map ahead of its release.

In the upcoming patch, players will get their hands on the Streets of Tarkov map. The community has been waiting on the release of this map for quite some time. Furthermore, the update introduces a part of the map described as follows, “This part of the location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket, and other objects of urban infrastructure”. 

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Besides the map, players can look forward to changes to their skills, weapons and equipment, co-op PVE expansion content and more. Via its Twitter, the company announced a wipe as part of the patch, stating, “Today, December 28, at 6:30AM GMT/1:30AM EST we are planning to install patch . The installation will take approximately 6 hours, but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period. There will be wipe with the patch.” Escape from Tarkov might be the game to play for the holidays!

What are your thoughts on Escape From Tarkov? Have you tried the game before? Are you interested in trying the game? What elements of the game do you enjoy the most? Which aspects of the upcoming patch are you looking forward to the most? Are you interested in the release of the new map? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.