‘Days Gone’ Looks Even Better in New Combat Showcase

The World Is Dangerous, so You Have to Be

2019 gets bigger with every new reveal, but we haven’t forgotten what SIE Bend is cooking up. Days Gone has dropped another trailer, and the game is looking better and better with each entry of its World Video Series. This time, it’s “Fight to Survive.”

The coverage is focused on combat in the open world. As you traverse the Freaker-infested roads of Days Gone, you’ll rely on improvised weaponry, and some skill, to make it out alive. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes, and, for the first time, developer Sony Bend has named the different categories of Freaker. You’ve got your standard Horders, small Newts, the Screamers, and, last but not least, Breakers. Though we only caught our first glimpse, Breakers are supposed to be the biggest class of Freaker, which probably makes them bullet sponges.

In addition, the video (available below) expounds on your options when it comes to combat. Quality guns aren’t dropped but bought, apparently. First is the player’s best weapon when dealing with Freakers in a combined space. Melee weapons, too—like knives, clubs, and so forth—are essential when enemies get too close. Fortunately, there’s a useful weapon wheel that places everything the player needs at their fingertips.

Days Gone launches for the PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2019. In case you missed it, you can catch the previous entry in the World Video Series, “The Broken Road.”