Apex Legends, Respawn’s Battle Royale, Hits 1 Million Players in 8 Hours

Was It Battle Royale or the Respawn Name?

To the folks who’ve made some of the better FPS games in recent memory, congratulations. Respawn has just revealed that Apex Legends, their new battle royale experience, hit 1 million unique players in under 8 hours.

The news comes directly from Twitter, where studio head and bullet smith Vince Zampella shared his excitement with the fans. Apex Legends arrived yesterday in a sudden but deliberate marketing ploy. Up until yesterday, no one knew the about the game’s existence. Yet on the day of its debut, it breached the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, and EA Origin. Since then, several million players have downloaded the game. While an all-new battle royale experience is enticing, it seems as if the Respawn name carries wider influence in the realm of shooters.

Since this is the Titanfall developer, however, fans have voiced their concern about the lack of mechs and mech-sized guns in the battle royale experience. Basically, where’s Titanfall 3? That question was answered in a previous statement from the developer. As of now, the third installment is not in development, and Respawn hasn’t found a way to implement titans into Apex Legends without distorting the genre.

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