Respawn’s Apex Legends Officially Revealed, Launched

Become Legend, or Something Like That

As is was foretold in the scrolls over the past weekend, Respawn has indeed been hard at work on a new Battle Royale game set in the Titanfall universe named Apex Legends that was revealed and launched earlier today.

Like the Battle Royale bastard child of Call of Duty’s Blackout and team-shooter Overwatch, the game includes eight “Legends” that players can assume the role of, each of which bring their own unique abilities to the battlefield. Matches will pit 60 players in teams of three against each other, and the game’s first season will kick off on March 1st complete with Battle Pass. Those who jump in before June 30, 2019, will score a special Banner Badge, exclusive Flatline Epic weapon skin, and 1000 Apex coins, which as I’m sure you can figure out is the game’s premium currency, worth $9.99 USD.

Apex Legends Map

Apex Legends is available and free-to-play now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and you can check out the game’s Legends here, as well as the developer’s “spending guiding principles” for the game.