The Sensational Screen Team Have a Hilarious and Titillating Collection of Cosplay Videos

The Sensational Screen Team

Every week we take a stroll through the interwebs to find the finest in cosplay. In recent weeks, we featured the stunning Irina Meier and the gorgeous Hane Ame. This week, we’re bringing you a collection of music videos from the amazing duo, Screen Team. Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus are a real-life couple who originally met online, and somewhere along the line figured out they had a talent for blending fun, nerd-inspired music with cosplay. Whether they’re parodying popular hit songs or making music of their own, the results are consistently entertaining.

Screen Team - Angie Griffin - Cosplay

Let’s start off with a showcase with some of our favourite Screen Team pop culture-inspired music videos.

Star Wars: Daddy Song

Look What Joker Made Me Do 

YouTube Troll Song

Thor Ragnarok Song 

Star Wars Song ft Kylo Ren & Rey

Check out page 2 for a collection of Screen Team music videos inspired by video games.