Hane Ame’s Cosplay is Downright Gorgeous and Super Steamy

Hane Ame Cosplay Feature (NSFW)

The holidays can be a stressful time so let’s take a moment to enjoy the charming and illustrious cosplay of Hane Ame. A professional cosplayer from Taiwan, Hane enjoys being able to wear fantasy clothing and what a better way to do this than through cosplay? Check out our favourite shots of this beautiful cosplayer!

With the debut of League of Legends K/DA music video and performance this year at the worlds opening ceremony, I was absolutely thrilled to see Hane’s renditions of these gorgeous ladies. And damn, did she ever kill it!

Hane Ame

A cute behind the scenes shot of Evelynn

Hane Ame

A fantastic shot of Eve getting out of one of the many cars she owns, no doubt!

Hane Ame

This final shot is something like from the video!

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