‘Maid of Might’ Cosplay Is Nerdy, Transformative, and Downright Sexy

It’s Mighty Fine

Welcome back to another cosplay segment. The owner of this particular spotlight is none other than Maid of Might, AKA Jessica. Her passion for comics and fictional characters began at an early age – She grew up in a comic book store, the kind of upbringing other nerds would envy. Hence, it is easy to understand her affinity for spandex and other fantastic outfits. Jessica’s moniker is directly inspired by Supergirl, who she claims is her favorite comic book character. Even so, her stunning portfolio of work is pretty darn diverse and comes with character portrayals from across different mediums.

Maid of Might (Jessica)


Maid of Might

She’d give the film Mera a run for her money.

Maid of Might Underworld

Selene from Underworld.

Austin Powers was already the pinnacle of sexy.

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