Steam Sent Out 15 Billion Gigabytes of Data in 2018

A Practically Unthinkable Amount

With the new comes a time for reflection. A time to think back on what you’ve accomplished, and look forward to what’s coming next. For Steam, this means gloating over the truckloads of data they delivered, as well as talk about all the rad happenings coming this years. It’s not all sunshine and gigabytes, however.

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While you can scope all the dirty details on their blog post, it’s clear that Steam had a big year. They delivered over 15 exabytes of data, gotten tons of people using gamepads, and alienated a massive chunk of developers with their revenue rates. 30% is just a lot to take off the top unless you’re making those AAA bucks.

As far as 2019 goes, Steam is looking to improve their system for sifting through the 30,000 games on their storefront. They’re also expanding Steam TV, and breaking into the Asian market like, more than they already have. Overall, it seems like any problems you may have with the platform are… still there? The storefront is a mess, indie developers aren’t making any money and they’re kind of hoping to let the machines run the place. If nothing else, this will continue to pave the way for alternate storefronts to divvy up the digital marketplace pie.