New Spider-Man Update Adds Two Fantastic Four Suits

Look Out! It’s the Amazing…Bag-Man?

A recently released update for Marvel’s Spider-Man has added two Fantastic Four suits to the game: the Bag-Man suit and the Future Foundation suit.

Screenshot credit: Reddit user fallenhero588

The infamous “Bag-Man” costume first appeared in issue #258 of The Amazing Spider-Man comic and Spidey wore this costume after being successfully separated from his black symbiote suit by Dr. Reed Richards (also known as Mr. Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four). Even though this saved him from the symbiote, Spider-Man was left without a suit and needed a quick replacement so Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) came up with a quick solution: a Fantastic Four suit with a brown paper bag as a mask.

As for the Future Foundation suit, the organization it belongs to was started by Reed Richards in Fantastic Four issue #579 and Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation in order to honor a request from Johnny Storm.

If these suits look cool enough for you to consider buying the game then you should read our review before making your purchase.

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Sources: Reddit, ResetEra