The God of War Team Is Now Hiring for Their Next Project

The Talent Expands

God of War launched and left a great year in its wake, but it doesn’t mark the end of anything. Sony Santa Monica is now hiring, which means the gears are ready to grind before they collect rust. We’ve tasted one of the best PlayStation exclusives of all time, so it’s time to work on the follow-up. That in mind, the studio needs more brilliant minds.

Over on Twitter, the Santa Monica studio listed several job openings. Among them, we have such roles as Senior Combat Designer, Senior Narrative Designer, Lead Engine Programmer, and more than can be listed with limited characters. The team is seriously looking to expand, and we can already speculate why.

After God of War’s launch in 2018, the dev team implemented new features like the amazing photo mode and new game plus, but it looks like development has started on something new (or will start soon). Before Marvel’s Spider-Man arrived, Kratos was the heaviest hitter in the realm of PlayStation exclusives. Therefore, a sequel is practically guaranteed, although no one would blame creative director Cory Barlog for trying out a new IP. If the man can revamp a decade-old franchise, what else can he do?

If you’re someone with a passion for games and up to the task, you can check out Santa Monica’s slew of job openings here. Since 2018 just ended, it may be a while before we hear back from the God of War developers. Check back for updates on PlayStation studios as time goes by.