Future of the Walking Dead Games: Skybound Asks Fans their Opinions

How will they Keep this Franchise Alive?

With Telltale’s The Walking Dead series winding down in front of us, publisher Skybound looks to the horizon. As many of us know, Telltale departed from this plane of existence in the middle of the final season of their Walking Dead series. Skybound stepped in to pay for and develop the remaining episodes. So, since their story-based series is done, what are their options? They still have the brand, so what are they going to do with it? Well, they have taken to Twitter and asked their fans what kind of the Walking Dead games they would like to see.

Walking Dead Games

Asking the fans what they want and listening to them is a great way to continuing to build a solid fanbase and a relationship with them. The problem with this situation, is that the fans can’t seem to push their imagination beyond what they already know. Almost all the suggestions are exclusively “5th season” and “Walking Dead like Red Dead Redemption 2”, since that’s the new hotness. What we at COGConnected can do is explore the different genres and talk out what these possibilities might look like.

Fans claim to want a RDR2 style game, well Red Dead already exists, so why on Earth would Skybound want to compete with Rockstar like that? When I think, third-person open-world shooter-esque zombie game, I think State of Decay. Like RDR2, State of Decay already exists; not a great option. Skybound already published an zombie survival game in a randomly generated world called 7 Days to Die. With the shared developer and publisher, Skybound brought over some Walking Dead skins for the game. Since the Walking Dead is a story-driven franchise and 7 Days to Die had no story whatsoever, it is fairly unlikely that another one of those kinds of games will come from Skybound. If Skybound was dependent on my opinion, I would suggest a Resident Evil 7-meets-PT experience. Less action than RE7/more than PT and story driven. But that’s just me.

What kind of Walking Dead game would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Cinema Blend