Epic Games Store Gets Updated Return Policy

The Updated Policy Is In-Line with Steam’s Policy

The Epic Games store now has an updated return policy for gamers looking for a refund on their digital games, and it happens to be in line with the Steam model for digital returns.


Players can now return a game for any reason within 14 days as long as they’ve clocked under two hours of gameplay. While the terms were updated on the Epic Games Store website, Epic’s director of publishing strategy Sergey Galyonkin also tweeted the news out, while also responding to some other questions about the store.

When initiating a refund, at this time you’ll still need to open a standard support ticket but the team is working on a “self-serve” solution for players. It also sounds like local currencies for all 130 countries that can currently access the Epic Games store is coming but “adding regional currencies takes time” – using the local payment option will make the conversion for you instead of displaying the US dollar price.

Galyonkin also touched a few other points – developers are wondering how to get their game listed, and he said while anyone can fill out a submission on the Epic Games website store expansion will be “gradual” with no “no open for everyone” event. Finally, reviews will be added in the future but only for developers who opt-in to the feature. The team is looking for a solution against review-bombing, but no details were given at this time what that solution might be.

You can read the full updated return policy on Epic’s Website, where you can also grab the Epic Games Store launcher.