“Free Play” Demo for Anthem Gets Glorious Release Date

The Anthem Begins in January

EA has, at long last, revealed when players can go hands-on with their shared-world adventure set in a sci-fi universe. Anthem will have two demos in early 2019, one reserved for VIPs and another that will be open to the public.

I imagine that first demo shall apply to EA Origin and Early Access members, and the date will run from January 25-27th. The rest of the public can then participate on February 1st until February 3rd. Unfortunately, no one’s progress will carry over. This way, everyone starts the game with a clean slate and works their way from level one. As producer Mike Gamble announced over on Twitter, players will start the demo at level 10 and partake in a series of missions and raids. Though the gameplay is limited, he promised a diversified experience through a vertical slice of the world.

Since every player will be level 10, it’s likely that everyone will have a fully realized loadout from the get-go. BioWare’s recent stream gave us some hefty intel on the range of loot and customization options, which we might better explore in the demo. And yes, the demo will reserve time for some “free play” alongside some missions.

Anthem will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22nd, 2019. Check back for updates as we get closer to its release.