Vlambeer Co-Founder Starts Indie Game Project Focused on Small Games

This New Project Is a “Collection of Games”

The co-founder of the Dutch indie game studio Vlambeer announced on Monday that he launched a new indie game project titled “Meditations”. Meditations is a launcher for PC and Mac that allows its users to play a small, new game every day, according to its official website.

Vlambeer co-founder, Rami Ismail

“Meditations will launch you a new game every day, inspired by that day, only on that day,” the co-founder, Rami Ismail, explained on Twitter. “There’s all sorts of games in here, from curious small puzzle games and challenging little platformers to personal games about life and loss and happiness and love and death and everything.”

Additionally, Ismail announced that the first game that Meditations will feature today is a game titled “TEMPRES”, which was made by a developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Each game featured on the launcher is free and was made “in approximately six hours,” according to Meditations’ FAQ.

“Every game is only available on the day it was made for. That means that if you miss a day, the Meditation will be available again next year,” the FAQ also explained.

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