Anthem Loot and Level Rarity Showcased in New Video

There Will Be Many Weapons With Different Stats

Today,  BioWare producer Darring McPherson and Lead Producer Ben Irving exposed the loot grind as it will be available in Anthem. Their recent livestream showcased some of the gear we can combine without Javelins. As expected, items have rarities; unexpectedly, the caliber of gear can open up more missions.

Anthem 1

Every player will loot their own items when they venture out into the world. Loot is RNG-based, but the higher the player’s level, the greater the chance to loot an epic item. No trades are available, much like Destiny, but there are alternative methods to produce high-rarity items. For starters, there are challenges players can complete to increase/unlock their gear’s potential. A supplemental method comes via recipes. According to the producers, players can loot recipes for weapons that contain their preferred stats. The level of the recipe items will scale with players as they’re looted.

The producers proceed to show us what a high-end Ranger looks like, a ranger geared in masterwork items. Masterwork items are very rare and can be upgraded to legendary. Legendary items are very hard to obtain and may entail a serious grind for unlucky players. The reveal of the ranger also showcased inscriptions, a feature that affects weapons. These inscriptions stack and deliver unique properties unto weaponry. Inscriptions themselves are RNG-based unless you craft a piece of gear with the inscription in mind.

Throughout the livestream, McPherson and Irving emphasized the various class builds. Gear will affect whether or not players employ status effects or other types of damage like Impact, and there are a variety of combinations. Combinations will be limited to the type of exo-suit. For example, only the Colossus can employ heavy weapons to dish out explosive and fire damage.

Anthem will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22nd, 2018. In a previous statement, BioWare said that the game is easily accessible with friends. Stay tuned for additional updates on the road to launch.

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