Capcom Keeps the Trailers Rolling: Live Action Resident Evil 2 Trailer

You Think They’ll Drop a Trailer on Release Day, too?

The remake of Capcom’s classic Resident Evil 2 comes out tomorrow. It seems like every day for the past month, Capcom has been doing things to remind fans that the game is finally upon us. The 1-Shot demo, the announcement of Bonus modes, the Interactive Trailer, Ghost Survivors mode, the Launch Trailer released yesterday, and now, a day before the release, a live action Resident Evil 2 trailer. Personally, I’m almost expecting a new trailer next week as well.

Resident Evil 2 Trailer

The trailer is just a minute and a half, and like the interactive trailer, shows Leon and Claire meeting for the first time, again. It even has the “Get down!” *ducks* *shoots zombie* moment we’ve seen in recent trailers. Other than that moment, we see Leon Kennedy approaching an abandoned police cruiser and reaching for the radio before being attacked by a crowd of zombies. Claire Redfield is seen searching high and low for something, also before being chased by zombies.

This live action trailer isn’t just a thing Capcom wanted to do, it is actually a throwback to the original Resident Evil 2’s live action trailer. This was not seen on TV in North America, only in Japan, but zombie-movie godfather George Romero directed it after the success of Capcom’s RE1. The exclusive Japanese release of the trailer was a request of the actor who played Leon Kennedy, Brad Renfro. It also features some sweet bass-heavy 90s suspense music. Well, the Resident Evil 2 remake comes out tomorrow, on January 25th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What do you think of the live action trailer? Have you been enjoying Capcom’s flurry of RE2 promotions? Let us know in the comments below. And keep up to date with all our Resident Evil news on our site.

Source: Screen Rant