Don’t Starve Together DLC Roadmap Revealed for 2019

Don’t Starve Together is Far From Famished

Don’t Starve Together developer Klei has revealed its 2019 DLC plans for its survival rogue-like, highlighting brand new content, character refreshes, all-new survivors, and more.

Don't Starve Together

Revealed in a post on their site forums, the developer is currently working on new content for the game including “new biomes, creatures, and more.” The first batch of new content will drop in mid-April, with new content added “every couple months afterwards.” All of this content will be available for free to everyone.

Starting a month before in March, Klei will refresh the original cast of characters with revamped abilities and a “glimpse into their backstory.” Winona will be the first character to get changed, followed by a new character refresh once a month. These will also be free to all players but there will be new skins to buy in the month these characters are refreshed.

Players can also expect four new survivors to enter the fray beginning in mid-March, with a new one being released every two months. Klei hasn’t settled on a price for the new characters yet, but they might cost around $6.99 USD each which will include a full skin set as well. Since Klei is adamant on not charging players for new content, these new characters will be their main way to fund development.

Don't Starve Together DLC Don't Starve Together DLC

Lastly, Klei is promising to keep the console versions of the game up to date throughout the year. They have invested in technology that will allow them to update them more quickly without a lengthy certification process after every small change. They also announced that the next console update for the Year of the Pig event will launch within 2 days of the PC version.

You can find out more about Klei’s DLC roadmap by clicking here.

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