The Next Far Cry Will Be Revealed at The Game Awards

Will It Be ‘Far Cry 6’ or Something Else?

Ubisoft UK has teased the first-ever reveal of the next Far Cry, which will debut at The Game Awards. Less than a year since the launch of the last, the franchise will apparently maintain its annual release schedule. Now, it’s a question of what the next installment will entail.

Lost on Mars

The Game Awards will stream on December 6th, 2018. Host Geoff Keighley has already promised the “biggest lineup” of new announcements yet. With the next Far Cry among them, the show promises a gamified spectacle. As for the actual tease, well, it may remind you of a certain post-apocalyptic franchise. The footage hearkens back to the setting of Far Cry 5, with an explosive twist that can pass for the intro to Rage 2. Minor spoilers ahead.

Or, the tease may remind many players of Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout series. The mushroom cloud gives it away, and it looks like one of the endings to the last installment. Therefore, it is not unlikely we’ll see a direct sequel to Ubisoft’s last open-world shooter. Alternatively, Ubisoft may be teasing another one of their spin-off titles in the vein of Blood Dragon. We’ll have to wait for The Game Awards to find out.

Are you excited for the next Far Cry game? What is your speculation on the setting? Comment your thoughts down below.