Miyazaki Says He’s Not In the Position to Talk About a Bloodborne 2 Release

Fans Are Eagerly Awaiting a Sequel to 2015’s Bloodborne

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki said in a recent interview with tech website Xataka that he wasn’t “in a position” to talk about Bloodborne 2 coming out and denied that a Bloodborne Easter egg found in Déraciné, a recent FromSoftware release for PSVR, meant more than it appeared.

Bloodborne 2

“The easter egg in itself is not indicative that we are going to launch Bloodborne 2,” Miyazaki told Xataka when asked about the Easter egg. “I’m not in a position to talk about a possible release of Bloodborne 2. However, we love Bloodborne; that’s why this easter egg has aroused so much curiosity. But, I repeat, it’s not a Bloodborne 2 notice. It’s just something that we explored among ourselves, because we love Bloodborne.”

Fans have been clamoring for a Bloodborne sequel for years now. The Gothic-inspired aesthetic and smooth, fast-paced combat set the 2015 hit apart from the acclaimed Dark Souls series (which Miyazaki declared last year was over). A Bloodborne 2 was spotted on Amazon Italy earlier this year and listed for release in 2019 but it’s unclear if that was a legitimate leak or a simple mistake on Amazon Italy’s part.

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