Miyazaki: “Dark Souls Series is Completely Done”

Miyazaki Talks About What’s Next for His Company

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the Game Director for the Dark Souls series, recently made some statements about the future of his company’s most beloved franchise.

Dark Souls 3 spear

According to a translated interview from Famitsu by way of Twitter user ‘BlackKite,’ Miyazaki and his team have no further plans for the Dark Souls series at this time. He stated that the series is “completely done for now,” following the release of the final Dark Souls III DLC, The Ringed City. Miyazaki may not have done all he could have with the Dark Souls games, but overall they’re “a blessed series.” Fans of the games seem to agree, with every entry garnering significant critical acclaim.

Instead, From Software’s President said that his company is developing a number of new games. At this time, the company isn’t concerned about whether these new ventures resemble the Dark Souls series in any meaningful way or not. There’s no details whatsoever regarding what these new games are, but we’ve got plenty of upcoming opportunities for some sweet showings from the Dark Souls crew. Perhaps more Bloodborne is in order? It isn’t technically part of the Souls series. Although, even if the next project from From Software is something totally new, it will likely still be excellent in its own way.

SOURCE: Wccftech