NieR: Automata Nude Mod Happened and it’s Available Now

NieR: Automata Nude Mode for all you Dirty Birds 

NieR: Automata has been one of the best-received games of 2017 due to its frantic gameplay and its stunning lead protagonist, 2B. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the first partially nude mod for Platinum Games’ latest has arrived to satisfy all you dirty birds.

Should we be disturbed by the fact that someone went out of their way to make a nude mode for an android? Well, considering the relative attractiveness of the character, probably not. If anything it was to be expected. The lead character crossed with the overall popularity of the game means that many modders were ready to take on the challenge of adding to the experience or more appropriately… taking away… clothing. Not much is left to the imagination in this one either with a full frontal situation going on pretty much.

NieR: Automata trailer

The mod itself isn’t perfect, according to its creator, but he says he’s not quite done tweaking it.

This was also a lot harder to make than I had first anticipated, due to the design of 2B’s costume and the way the textures worked, so I had to try and redesign her costume 2B (pun, sorry couldn’t help myself) more revealing. More apologies as there are quite a few issues with this mod, the main issue being the skin tone, it changes color a lot due to the lighting and can sometimes look very contrasting in comparison to the leg skin tone. For that reason, I’m gonna claim that this mod is a see-through, string sort of costume. I know I’m such a sneaky ass snake, but I am looking into a way to fix that, so I may release a second version if I can find a fix. Another issue I only noticed when looking through my screenshots, 2B’s stockings become very metallic, glossy looking. I know how to fix this issue but then it breaks the skin tone more, so again looking into it. But for now I hope you enjoy my mod; I haven’t got very far in the game, so any bug reports other than the issues already mentioned would be most appreciated.

The NieR: Automata partially nude mod can be downloaded on Art-Of-The-Body’s DeviantART page together with installation instructions. You can head there to see what you’re getting into as we won’t be posting those pics here on the site. Enjoy, you filthy animals!