Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announcer Shares an Overview of the Game

Everything New and Old in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We’re back to talk about Nintendo’s unparalleled mash-up brawler. Some new footage for Super Smash Bros Ultimate delves into every detail worth noting about the game. For beginners, it’s an extensive look at what to expect. For everyone else, it’s a look at what’s new.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives on December 7, 2018. It is the largest game of the franchise, boasting a character count of 74. To complement those characters, the game has been layered with a rich palette of over 100 themed maps. On those maps, Pokeballs can summon any one of 55 Pokemon available for this installment. More than pokemon, however, the game now includes a total of 59 assist trophies to help players in battle. We can also expect the return of Classic Mode, a new Squad Strike, and a new Tournament Mode that facilitates up to 32 players. We also can’t forget the newly introduced Spirits Mode, which pits players against a variety of Nintendo characters (or spirits) in unexpected ways.

The brawler has even received its own RPG-like spin, thanks to the all-new Adventure Mode. In this particular mode, players find themselves searching for fighters in a mini-campaign to defeat Galeem, Lord of Light. With a top-down view of a world and branching paths, players battle possessed characters and collect spirits as they go. It’s just one of many ways players can go about unlocking the gigantic roster, one character at a time.

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