Sniper Elite Devs Open New Film Studio

This New Film Studio Reportedly Cost $100 Million To Build

Rebellion, the developers behind the Sniper Elite series and this year’s Strange Brigade, have recently opened a $100 million film studio that aims to create films such as a comic book movie titled “Rogue Trooper” and a Judge Dredd TV series titled “Mega-City One”.

Construction of the Britain-based film studio is expected to finish in early 2019.

Sniper Elite

“This studio purchase is incredibly exciting, not just for Rebellion but for the global film and television industry that is booming but in desperate need of further infrastructure to cope with the demands for new and engaging content,” the CEO and co-founder of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, reportedly said.

“We know first-hand the creativity and talent here in the UK and this new studio will bring in projects from all over the world, offering opportunity and income to many people in the industry, as well as local companies and services,” he added. “It also means there will be demand for more UK production and we can export more of our work globally.”

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