Rebellion Officially Confirms Sniper Elite 5’s Release Date In 2022

Rebellion Officially Confirms Sniper Elite 5’s Release Date In 2022

Rebellion is one of the most successful independent video game studios that has build the Sniper Elite franchise into what it is today. The developers have announced that Sniper Elite 5 will release on 26th May, 2022. The game is currently available for pre-order and will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and on PC via Epic, Steam and the Windows Store. The team also released an announcement trailer to highlight the occasion.

The game features an in-depth campaign with two-player co-op and a deeply immersive experience. The new Invasion Mode allows players to drop into campaigns of other players and take on the role of an Axis Sniper. Moreover, sixteen players can engage in adversarial combat in a variety of game modes.

The game’s Deluxe Edition awards fans with a few bonuses including the pre-order content and the Season Pass. The Season Pass will give players access to a post-release, two-part campaign on new maps. Furthermore, players will be able to customize their soldier in new character packs and weapon skins. Fans who pre-order the game will receive a fresh mission and the P.1983 Suppressed Pistol.

The announcement trailer gives fans some insight into the game’s storyline and main characters. Karl Fairburne, an elite marksman, must use all his skills to gather intelligence and make sure plans of war never come to fruition. The game pits players against Abelard Moller, a mastermind behind the Axis army.

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SOURCE: Press Release