Ghost of Tsushima Is About “Bringing the Samurai Fantasy to Life”

Creative Director Talks About Japanese Authenticity

After this years E3 showcaseGhost of Tsushima is no longer a mystery. The game pays tribute to Feudal Japan, and the focus, where Creative Director Nate Fox is concerned, is letting the player be a Samurai.

ghost of tsushima

In order to recreate Feudal Japan, members of Sucker Punch Productions spent a significant portion of time abroad. More specifically, they studied the titular island of Tsushima alongside consultants. The team has been doing their damnedest to make sure the world of Ghost of Tsushima looks and feels authentic. Not just to simulate the different biomes and locations, but to revive aspects of Japanese culture. Experts have even provided knowledge on how to wield period weapons.

“We rely on all these people to let us know where we’re going astray,” Fox told “Sucker Punch is good at making gameplay, but we are not cultural experts in Kamakura-era Japan. We recognise this, and we’re grateful to have the help.”

He continues: “It’s been interesting working on this game because in past titles we’ve been able to make it up, frankly. For a superhero game set in Seattle, we knew what we were doing, but in this game we are constantly learning about Japanese culture or the norms of samurai. And it’s exciting because it changes the way you work to learning in the same way that players get to learn about these things, and in fascinating detail.

“Things were surprising us all the time. But that’s part of the joy of the discovery of making the game. Hopefully it’s something that will translate into the game as a player, that you will discover a lot of the beauty of feudal Japan.”

Fox previously stated that all of Tsushima island will be free to explore, no holds barred. Just as well, the studio’s goal is to make the world responsive to the player. Just about everything in development is geared toward making the player feel like a Samura in Feudal Japan.

“We really want to bring the samurai fantasy to life,” Fox said. “When we make decisions about what’s in and out of the game, we just ask ‘Is this going to make you feel more like a wandering samurai?’ There isn’t this pressure just to increase scope for the sake of scope. We only put it in if it helps that core fantasy of being a wandering samurai.”

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a release date yet, but bets are for 2019. Check back for project updates as time goes by.